Friday, March 16, 2012

the world of dew is the world of dew ... and yet ... and yet ...

if spring came early and you were in love with an impossible intensity, would there be anything else, anything else, except to lie on your belly in the dew and touch the smallest flowers you could find, until everything was possible, everything?


  1. Fantastic ans inspired post for this weekend James!
    Loved your words. ;-)

  2. oh i am lost in the first one, lost...

    no, nothing else - this is the body wanting to become spring, to touch, to sprout

    mute with wonder

  3. what can i say? nothing. these photographs are prayer, your yard - a church, your attention - hymn.


  4. Lucia: i don't know about inspiration ... more like obsessions that come for a time with their demands ...

  5. Roxana: i must say back to you, this is the body wanting to become spring, to touch, to sprout

    we feel the cycle in our flesh, and we long toward the sunlight, toward the perfectly soft air of these days, toward a touch, yes :-)

  6. erin: attention -- it seems the only thing i can do, the only prayer i can find -- and yet, there are days when it seems enough ...

  7. Bonjour James , ces macros sont extrĂȘmement belles !