Wednesday, May 23, 2012

lake and self


  1. Beautifully silent...
    You don't know you're teaching but I keep learning James. :)

    1. Lucia: it was one of those afternoons that are made more silent by small sounds ... the wind pushing little waves against the dock, a bird singing for a few notes in the bushes then falling quiet ...

      i am learning, too. it seems i never know what i have learned until months or even years after the lesson ... but i do try and pay attention, and sometimes i remember :-)

  2. Enjoying the ripples in the water. We look for comfort in many places but not many look for comfort in their shadows, but you do :))

    1. Liz: i like my absence :-) it seems that i exist in the day as that which is not the day. i want to make my presence as small as possible and see the landscape as it is when i cam not there. i think of this poem, by Mark Strand

      Keeping Things Whole

      In a field
      I am the absence
      of field.
      This is
      always the case.
      Wherever I am
      I am what is missing.

      When I walk
      I part the air
      and always
      the air moves in
      to fill the spaces
      where my body’s been.

      We all have reasons
      for moving.
      I move
      to keep things whole.

  3. oh

    Shadow of the Wanderer above the Lake
    (mirroring our beloved Caspar David :-)


  4. Roxana: i remember, too :-)

    this s never far from me ....

  5. Very Scandanavian! :) (I've been watching the Norwegian and Swedish crime dramas, they're amazing)

  6. Marion: kurt wallander?? but you can't go wrong, really :-)

  7. oh yes, Wallander, The Bridge series, The Killing series and just last night Bergman!