Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a theory about time and the body


  1. Oh! For some reason this just breaks my heart. Such a melancholy emptiness.... xo

  2. this is beautiful, this is tender, this is tearing, this is longing, this is stillness

    this could go on, forever, like this

    (and Alix's shadow? :-)

    1. Roxana: yes, everything is in alix's shadow these days :-) reading her journals and looking at her photos, and reading jacques's some thing black ... such mournful, beautiful photographs infused with the awareness of mortality ... these traces of her life seem to bring forward something that is usually in the background of photography, that the image is always made on the eve of its disappearance, and therefore photography is the most elegiac of all arts ...


  3. oh you are reading jacques too - how is it?