Monday, April 13, 2015

a crow and the shadow of a crow


  1. Amazing! Which is the shadow and which the crow?! xo

  2. it happened yesterday as i was running back to town. i must have seen a crow and its shadow and i thought of this photograph! and i began to tell myself how happy i am when your photos or poems become archetypes for me and all else is either destroyed, or tailored in their tailwinds. and it is funny, for sitting here trying to recall what it was i saw yesterday, all i can see in my mind is this crow, in this photograph. of course i see us standing beside one another too, on that farm road, watching this crow. it seemed he might have been chasing his shadow, but really he was more likely chasing us away, the world bolstering his presence through shadow like sometimes feathers swell the chest.

    just now i think there is such an assuredness to the crow, but i'm unsure if this is a memory or a result of this photograph. but this thought causes me to notice something incredible, something i didn't notice before! the crow flies over the roof but his shadow is flying toward the front of the barn! i know it's true, only i don't know how it is possible! what then of how we perceive the world?!!!