Wednesday, June 15, 2011

no other world

We both had fears -- what might happen, what might not happen -- but in the end we forgot to be afraid. What was the point in dwelling on our fears? As if we might feel something different because we had been warned? We didn't know who we were together until we were together, until the secret that had been born within us stepped into the air and began to speak. And the the sky bowed to hear....



  1. if we allowed ourselves to live in fear
    we'd be dying instead of living.

    is this you and a love in the photograph?

    it's all wonderful. the risk makes it more so. if it were a sure thing it would be like laundry or taxes.:)


  2. erin: Yes, I can't imagine anything worth doing that doesn't involve some risk. But, no, it's not me in the picture (sadly enough).

  3. Susan: The sky knows so much, but never tells :-)

  4. sadly enough, that made me really smile :-)))