Wednesday, June 29, 2011

clover blossom

Please note: I will be away from the computer for about a week -- there are places in the world where that is still possible! -- but I will look forward to catching up on blog visits when I come home....


  1. lieber Freund,

    ich wünsche dir eine wundervolle Zeit, voll schöner Eindrücke, kleiner und großer Freuden, Ruhe, Besinnlichkeit, Anregung und kreativer Inspiration.

    herzlichst - isabella

  2. I hope your trip goes well and bring back some wonderful pictures.

    The clover pictures make me think of different things.

    First it puts to my mind big bumble bees and rabbits enjoying the clovers

    second it makes me think of my Winnie the Pooh scratch and sniff book where they had a clover you could scratch and sniff. It was one of my favorite childhood books :)

  3. oh, enjoy. sit in the clover. eat some. it's sweet.


  4. trifoi!!! :-)

    this favourite song of mine:

    he sings Arghezi's poem:

    De-abia plecaseşi

    De-abia plecaseşi. Te-am rugat să pleci.
    Te urmăream de-a lungul molatecii poteci,
    Pân-ai pierit, la capăt, prin trifoi.
    Nu te-ai uitat o dată înapoi!

    Ţi-as fi făcut un semn, după plecare,
    Dar ce-i un semn din umbră-n depărtare?

    Voiam să pleci, voiam şi să rămâi.
    Ai ascultat de gândul ce-l dintâi.
    Nu te oprise gândul fără glas.
    De ce-ai plecat? De ce-ai fi mai rămas?

  5. You've captured the colours beautifully. I love clover flowers, used to gather them on the machair for my grandmother who preferred wild flowers to bought ones :)

  6. I hope you don't mind Roxana but here is the poem translated into English

    Only you were gone

    Only you were gone. I asked him to leave.
    I watched over molatecii paths,
    Until you died, all the way through the clover.
    You have not looked back once!

    I would have made a mark after departure
    But what's a sign of shade-n away?

    I wanted to go, and I wanted to stay.
    You listened to what I first thought.
    Do not stop thinking voiceless.
    Why did you leave? Why would you have left?

    Roxana omul canta melodia are o voce frumoasa

  7. Isabella: Vielen Dank für diese guten Wünsche!!

  8. musicwithinyou: I'm happy to evoke such happy memories. It seems that it is often the simple and unregarded things, like clover blossoms (as opposed to luxuriant explosions of orchids, for example) that stay with you, lingering in the memory.....

  9. erin: Thank you. I tasted the clover ... and you are right :-)

  10. Roxana: Oh, i love this! It is a favorite song of mine, too, now :-)

    Arghezi is such a wonderful poet -- but hard! impossible to translate satisfactorily .... Here is a first draft of the beginning of an outline for an attempt at a version....

    You had just left

    You had just then left. I asked you to go.
    I followed you along the languid ways
    Until I lost you at last through the clover.
    You didn’t turn, not one backward gaze!

    I would have waved to you, after you had gone --
    What is a wave from such shadow, far and alone?

    I wanted you to leave, I longed for you to stay.
    You obeyed the first thought--
    The unvoiced longing did not sway you.
    Why did you leave? Why would you not?

  11. Marion: Such a pleasant memory :-) I'm glad to bring it back....

  12. :-)

    "Until you died, all the way through the clover" might make an interesting line, how funny, these automatic translations :-)