Monday, July 11, 2011

marram grass


  1. The colors and shadows are captivating!

  2. i'm speechless.

    (and now i laugh. i have searched fifteen minutes or more for this poem which is not the poem i believed i was searching for, but the one i know i was. funny how things are not what we think they are. nonetheless, this is what i thought of:

    Watering the Horse

    How strange to think of giving up all ambition!
    Suddenly I see with such clear eyes
    The white flake of snow
    That has just fallen on the horse's mane!

    Robert Bly)


  3. erin: what happy surprises when things are not what we expected them to be ... where would we be without surprise? :-)

    thank you for the poem. i haven't read Bly in ages ... but maybe I should....

  4. These are just gorgeous, some of my favourites so far. Even the assonance and the doubling of the letters in 'marram grass' are a pleasure :)

  5. overwhelmed... such purity and simplicity... i see longing too, but perhaps longing doesn't belong here, this lonely and pure grass should be left as it is, swaying beyond the horizon of human longing...