Thursday, December 8, 2011




  1. i think these last two posts (i like to see them side by side like this reflecting one another as they do in body and motion) say as much about this mysterious boy, as they do about his father, the photographer. i look around the corners of the photos, into the dark spaces, the light, the close corners and distant, and try to know more of each. and i would say it is impossible, but slight vibrations of energy are suggested.

    when ben looks into the camera every possibility in character exists. this is very exciting. he will be a man one day. holy holy.

    such beautiful children/individuals.


  2. I'm enjoying these portraits, which are more like film/documentary stills. There is a psychological depth and playful intimacy in them. I agree with erin, these say as much about the photographer as they do the subjects...

  3. erin: in a way, it is hard to imagine the day when he will be a man ... in another way, it is impossible not to imagine this, so many little gestures and impulses speak of all that is inside of him, of all that he is growing into ... it is humbling ....

  4. musicwithinyou: i don't know ... sometimes i think i see myself mirrored in him ... but he flatly denies it ... we all want to be ourselves, don't we?

  5. Marion: perhaps it is inevitable that a picture says as much about the photographer as about the subject ... can we ever take pictures of anything except ourselves? ... is this a depressing thought? or freedom?