Sunday, December 25, 2011


i will be absent for the next week or so


  1. this image, with its old-times-feeling, makes me somehow perceive the distance in time too, not only space. but perhaps that is an illusion, that we move from a place to another, when we actually only move from one of our selves to another, each moment of time passing. or no?

  2. Roxana: maybe it is some lack in me, but i have never been able to understand distance ... how is it possible that i was in one place and now am in another, that i can see in my mind, and even desire, things that are not present? it seems so certain that i should be able to reach through the distance and touch a longed-for hand, if only i close my eyes and think ... but maybe we move from self to self, rather than through space and time? yes, perhaps that is the truth....