Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the house at the edge of the swamp


  1. Ohhh James this makes for a great mini story! hint hint :)

  2. and now i think i should have saved my ohhh for this one :-)

    it is breathtaking - the house at the edge of time, of memory, of perception - at the end of days, when there is nothing for us to hold onto any longer, except the recognition that a single moment of truth, lived truth, like this one, is enough to justify a life...

  3. Ooh is right. This looks like it was done in charcoal!

    The title makes me think of that house in Big Fish...Helena Bonham Carter's house.

  4. Liz: perhaps the story looks out from the window ... perhaps it is your story, or anyone's ...

    Roxana: one truth, one moment of truth -- that would be enough, would it not? have i ever been able to say such a thing, will i ever be able? i think we know a truth, i feel so, at least one, at the edge of time -- but can we say it?

    Hannah: i haven't seen that movie, though it has been recommended to me before ... you make me think i should find it :-)