Monday, February 27, 2012


if i were the movement of a raven's wings through the falling snow
not the raven
not the snow
only the movement


  1. Ja, das wäre ein wundervolles Gefühl .. deine Bilder und Worte erzeugen ein ganz unglaublich intensives Gefühl der Schwerelosigkeit, Zeit spielt keine Rolle - nur der Tanz mit dem Schnee.

    das ist derartig schön, ich bin ganz verzaubert -

    liebe Grüße und Küsse für dich mein Freund,


    P.S. bitte deaktiviere die Wortbestätigung unter den Kommentaren, sie erschwert das Kommentieren unnötig ...

  2. Love the second one James!
    Beautiful words and shots. ;-)

  3. To be the movement We strive to be it, we lean towards it. We become it...

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  5. Yes! Movement! This is what is. I feel it here, as I felt it in this room before coming here.

  6. to live this encounter and survive - come back to your ordinary life, as if nothing had happened - yet one is changed, forever...

  7. Isabella: "nur der Tanz mit dem Schnee" -- ja, es gibt nichts anders :-)

    Lucia: thank you. the second may be my favorite ...

    Liz: the movement absorbs the watcher...

    Deb: thank you, and welcome to the klage-himmel

    Ruth: movement is all, isn't it? even the rock holding up the stillness is actually a dance of atoms ...

    Roxana: i am changed certainly ... i am not sure if i survived :-)

  8. I loved the tree, but then I saw this...! The snow on the wings, the air thick with it, the snow of childhood for sure! The raven, normally a foreboding sign, but in this gentle and magical landscape has to be a bringing of good news!

  9. Marion: sometimes the landscape seems focused in a raven, as if it could cover everything in its wings ... and this one was the biggest i've ever seen, it looked the size of a dog perched on its branch!!

  10. There are days when I can hear the whoosh of their wings as I sit in the silence. I sit in awe at these moments.