Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Animaeque corporis colloquium

Corpus: The cormorant seems almost not there,
but intensely not,
a dense, muscled absence precipitated from the air.
I understand this
because I have been dying
for fifty years.

Anima:  Ah ...


  1. Replies
    1. Ruth: the two seem to meet, don't they? as if being can weigg so intensely that it comes full circle ....


  2. jesus. i want to quote back what affects me the most intensely but then i realize that not a word can be spared. (this is a poem!) but how important the physical intensity and density of being before absence can be weighed! and that the cormorant is black is perfection. i lament the term "something black" already being so fixed with alix and jacques as something black is so precisely what the actualization of being is, be it butterfly, bear, bird or person. and your photograph, the cormorant half out of the frame and in motion besides this. i am ecstatic about this. its shadow! the splash of water! and then, love, my god, your mournful truth of dying and for such duration... what else might a soul say to a body? what else might a soul say at all? perhaps this is the soul's only word, inflected infinitely.


    1. ern: it seems a paradox, that there should be dense absences, but that is how we experience some things, some moments of intense being ... perhaps what we are really seeing is that the cormorant (or bear or butterfly or ...) is intensely not me, and we experience that as absence ... we experience the some thing black of the cormorant as a portal where we might step through and out of this world ... or step through and out of ourselves and into this world ....

      love :-))