Monday, January 20, 2014

i dreamed that the world contained great sad distances

school bus
chicago, 6 may 10


  1. That slice of light, James. That slice of light.

    Title and photo have me spellbound.

    Thank you.

  2. with this photograph i want to tell you of a charles wright poem that i read the morning before i saw this photograph that speaks to it and its title, but i have forgotten which and that seems right. i want to tell you of a story i can almost hear now but i can't because i don't know which story i lean to listen to and again this feels right.

    this is the kind of city i can love, the kind that is in part real but mostly in dreams. (i believe in this way that this is every city.)

    the clarity of the bus in the foreground merging into traffic toward the dream gives me hope. might the children on the bus be adults in disguise and might the adults be children? might they continue to be excited by the dream they enter?