Friday, February 7, 2014



  1. Your b/ w pics are superb , so are your poems ... greetings from winterland ... cold outside, baby ... always, cat.

    1. cat: that's one reason i like winter ... the world is black and white, and there's a photo everywhere you look:-)


  2. Oh to be free of myself,
    With nothing left to remember,
    To have my heart as bare
    As a tree in December;

    Resting, as a tree rests
    After its leaves are gone,
    Waiting no more for a rain at night
    Nor for the red at dawn;

    But still, oh so still
    While the winds come and go,
    With no more fear of the hard frost
    Or the bright burden of snow;

    And heedless, heedless
    If anyone pass and see
    On the white page of the sky
    Its thin black tracery.

    Sara Teasdale

    1. Roxana: i love this poem. ... and i did not know it before ... thank you:-)