Saturday, February 8, 2014

The awful shadow of some unseen Power


  1. your photograph and its title turns things upon themselves. awful is such an incredibly loaded word. you've a capital on the word Power. it's your shadow and yet, it is you who is powerful, or powerless? and where is the shadow of the one who truly holds Power? is it the world itself?

    the photograph both frightens and excites me. i can't say i really understand why but that's precisely where its power lies.


    1. erin: frightened and excited is a very good combination:-)

      i am not the powerful one, that is for sure ...


  2. Replies
    1. Roxana: thank you:-)

      i thought this was funny ... the title (the first line of shelley's "hymn to intellectual beauty") paired with this photo, such self-inflation, such big legs with a tiny head, a kitten roaring like a lion ... but everyone takes it seriously :-)) ha! i'm not as funny as i thought!!

      (when i was young i wanted to be a clown, but people just laughed at me :-(