Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday silence in the breath

Saying that this world is worth nothing, that this life is worth nothing, and giving evil as proof, is absurd -- for if it is worthless, what does evil take from it? Thus suffering in sorrow and compassion for others are all the purer and more intense the better we understand the fullness of joy.

One must have through joy the revelation of reality in order to find reality in suffering. Else, life is only a more or less bad dream. One must come to find a yet fuller reality in suffering that is nothingness and void. In the same way, one must love life in order to love death yet more.

--Simone Weil


  1. Enjoying this series of pics (apart from the spider which I can't bear to look at :)) and thought-provoking quotes, some very interesting stuff from Weil.

  2. it seems so simple when we read such words, and yet and yet... we are still tormented, forever drifting in the lament world under the lament sky...

  3. Marion: Thank you. At least, this spider can't jump off the screen onto your hand!!....

  4. Roxana: And yet ... and yet ... everything that we are is in that hesitation :-)