Monday, November 28, 2011

Chutes Provincial Park, Massey, Ontario



  1. we were together when i knelt and put my finger beneath the ice in the ditch and pulled with my strength and weight to loose it? it was surprisingly unyielding, even in its thin form. soon we will be able to walk on top of it. and yet, it would be possible with an air pocket to breathe beneath it. hands pass everywhere. words too. and we find our refuge. or has it found us? remember the berries, how they came closer to the road as we walked on?

    i love your images, especially the first. what is trapped and what is released and what is realized in this state?


  2. the berries came to us, speaking their red softly, but in that gray landscape we could not mistake what they were saying, and we listened

    did you know that i picked up a thin pane of the ice you broke and put my eye to it, like a bit of wavy glass? i looked into that new world, into that refuge that gleamed on the other side, and i stepped through....

  3. Ahh now I've just realised these are pictures of Canada! "cold binds pale breath to the earth" - really wonderful description of ice. The red berry image is startling in the context and leads so effectively into that final stanza.

  4. the thin edge of the world, as we move between happiness and despair - and only sometimes, and shortly (yet only then do we touch the essence), we move beyond it, into grace...