Friday, December 2, 2011

bridge (2)

pentru cea care visează pe podul


  1. you know what these two last bridge-posts made me remember? especially this photo and the last one in the previous post, with that ethereal, otherworldy quality that hypnotizes me... something i had learned in Japan, about bridges and how they function as doors to another reality, if only we are able to find the right angle, the right step when crossing...

    "The taiko-bashi, symbolizing one's departure from the world of reality. In the Edo period, a bridge was usually situated mark the dividing point between this world and higan (the other world). People crossing the bridge became conscious of entering an extraordinary fictional place."
    Tadao Ando

    (thank you)

  2. lieber James,

    deine Bilder enthalten so oft eine wunderbare Poesie, ja Magie ... Worte, Verse steigen aus ihnen empor, berühren Herz und Sinne.


    Küsse für dich,

  3. Roxana: the bridge is a link between realities ... we cross from one state of being to another ... there is danger, of course, but likewise joy ...

  4. Isabella: Ich finde, ein Großteil der Magie der Fotografie kommt aus dem Seher. Die Poesie ist nichts ohne dich.

    Ich umarme dich, liebe Freundin :-)