Wednesday, October 24, 2012

this is how i wait


  1. With the head held up high.

  2. oh

    i think light, breath, i think prayer, i think awe, grace

    and then i don't think at all, i simply am

    1. Roxana: yes :-) these moments of pure being, beyond all words ... we never know when they will come ... but they do come ...


  3. i don't know language. i have been killed. i am dead. surely this is the case. i no longer inhabit my body. one stone has been struck upon another stone and whatever i was was unstitched and i flew from myself in a flurry of flutter and light. what you have done here is impossible. what you have done here is as painful to me as what happened at the river yesterday with the water, the trees and the reflections. you posted this weeks ago and yet every time i look at this series...what is it that happens in my throat? surely this is the bird that was captured all those years ago in my skin trying to get out. i look at these photographs and do not want this body that i am, but instead yearn with fierce intensity for the body that i might become.