Saturday, December 8, 2012

sacred grove

there are places in the forest where the illusion of space and time is so thin that it seems one might step into the real world without even trying

perhaps not trying is the key


  1. jesus))) i feel it in the pit of my belly. i know this feeling and you have either captured it here (is it possible to capture it?) or reproduced it or called it into a new existence. i look around as though to find the origin of the sound, for surely it is a call i hear, the call without words, but the call. (you understand? i know you understand.)

    and even though i have not found the door or the way sure and through the veil, i stop for a moment and pay gratitude for moments like this which you bring here, which you remind us exist if we listen hard enough or look hard enough or feel hard enough or thin our minds far enough so that we might receive them. gratitude))) gratitude and awe)))

    i want to walk into this grove. i want to walk INTO this grove!


  2. is this world real? this world suffused with grace, with indescribable light? or maybe one should ask: is any other world than this real?

  3. for me this is the time when i have no questions or fears,when all is perfect equal to me,when i have no target or illusions;when i feel the masterpiece pulsing in the thin air.
    thank you for such beauty,for all.