Saturday, December 15, 2012

the three questions

what is real?

who am i?

how should i live?


  1. On one hand, a life time might not be enough to find an adequate answer to each; yet, three moments should be enough to know the answers. Thank you for this dilemma and exercise of thought, will work on it.

  2. vous êtes ce que vous êtes, un créateur..vivez pleinement ce que vous avez envie de vivre, heureux.Seul compte vos envie et vos apirations.

    j'aime la maniére dont vous vous exposez;

    merci^d'être passé ces derniers jours.
    have a good time.

  3. Ah!!!!!!!!!!
    The answers take a lifetime.

  4. I have no idea.... How should I know?
    Have a good week James! ;-)

  5. breathtaking.

    i was just reading in a book that i am constantly rereading, it is not a book, really, but a collection of speeches of Ramana Maharishi - that the only question that we should ask ourselves, constantly, is: who is this "i"?

    _you_ know that.

  6. i can easily see the first and the last shots changing places in accordance with your questions, the camera asking what is real, the partial body in the shadows representing a whisper of truth speaking from the spirit. this is how i see the questions in my mind.

    but but but - more importantly than this i want to jump and shout at everyone who comes here and everyone who doesn't and say, my god, don't you see? don't you see this man being all of us, being brave enough, showing himself, his identity, perhaps his lack of it, his vulnerabilities? i want to jump and shout and i want to beg everyone in their turn to do the same, dare to strip down, to expose that which is underneath - to themselves, to everyone.

    yes, yes, yes, breathtaking! and more than this! (i am shaking things! i am shaking!) this is an absolute engagement in living, an act of being human)))


  7. Hola, James!!!...muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, es un gran honor para mi, y por darme la oportunidad de conocer tu trabajo...artísticas fotografías, enhorabuena!!!

    Un abrazo...y Feliz Navidad, amigo!!! ;)

  8. Powerful pictures, when all else is gone, brings us back to the simplicity, the purity of what utterly matters