Monday, April 15, 2013

please and yes


  1. this isn't about a particular body. this is about life, truly living it from within the body, authentically and honestly, being human, soiled, redemptive, not alone. we heal one another, all of us))

    i love this photograph no matter who she is.


  2. erin: it is a paradox, like anything worth saying: the bodies which make it possible for us to touch, also keep us at a distance, beautifully close, but no closer than skin to skin. this is joy and sorrow, life and death, togetherness and solitude ...

    and i puzzle over photography, what is the relation between this photograph (which i also love:-) and the infinitely more beautiful body that it represents (which i love)? do they exist in the same time? the same reality? is the image still attached to the body in some sense, or has the camera enacted a separation, made something new? i don't know, i only ponder these things ...

    love :-)))


  3. from beyond the shadow, from beyond the light - desire

    1. Roxana: and desire in everything ... for the body, which is also the light and the shadow ...