Saturday, November 2, 2013

some other year

I told you: look, it is snowing!

It was beginning 
just then, outside 

in the winter sunlight,
first flakes erratic and 

quick, from a cloud-
swept wilderness.

You were three years old.
I loved you, and

the same snow was falling 
in some other year

when I was lonely.

for Maggie, Anna, and Ben


  1. i am very quiet. and full. and shaken empty, a whistle of an ache that courses through my being, by this post. it is ...

    i find i am pushed (we are pushed) further and further toward the truth. it is like standing in the blast of what rages in both directions in the face of creation and annihilation, right upon the threshold of being. there is a roar in my ears that is awfully close to silence.

    that is to say, they are beautiful. and i am (they are, you are, and my children are too) in pain. yes, upon thin ice and the pin-ultimate point of all that is important.


  2. Heart swollen in response to this ... !