Thursday, October 30, 2014

these beings that are but fragments from absence

Rilke at Muzot, summer, 1926

My translation of three poems from Rilke's French are in the current issue of jmww


  1. I have only glanced so far, but these look lovely and I look forward to reading them more closely. Thank you!

  2. 'Graves' is particularly beautiful.

  3. i come to these belatedly, but i was keeping them to savour when i have more time for myself, for quiet hours of poetry and tea (the season is perfect for that, late november, dark and heavily melancholic, yet the demands of the everyday sometimes, far too often, separate us from ourselves)... i read Breasts and Graves, the translation is wonderful, especially in Graves, there are many lines which i find extraordinary (And you offer me pale foxglove, where one must humble oneself to enter - how wonderful is that).... i will return for the last one, soon...