Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miller's Pond

Three poems
reprinted from
my book
Frost Lights
a Thin Flame

are online at
Miller's Pond


  1. your photos have a lovely and dreamy quality to them.

  2. oh i think nobody understand and feels animals as you do, from birds to the tiniest insects! and such blues... and such stillness in the flight of this bird, it seems a dream suspended in blue, my heart is the only one fluttering there, fluttering silence upon blue waters...

    and then i go to the poems and i am plunged into these scattered bits of memory and desire, of childhood lived and made true through poetry - and am lost, and tremble in my chair, like the old man...

  3. Oh! A Yeats' swan if ever there was one! I think I have a deep-seated fear of birds, so your wonderful photo, to me, has captured that ominous brutality and terror, those eyes!!!

    "Elsewhere his lovely mother wrestled
    the loud doll from her body. His tired father

    left the room to bring roses
    for her long red pain."

    I love the language and imagery of these lines, there is something tantalisingly dark hinted here, a kind of horror.

  4. Tammie Lee: "a dreamy quality" -- Thank you. Sometimes I lose track of the line where dreaming ends and ... whatever this is ... begins....

  5. Roxana: Oh, your comments are poems in their own right! I can't believe that you, you, would say this of my pictures!! And the poems, too ... I am left silenced and grateful....

  6. Marion: Yes! Leda, if she is anywhere about, had better watch out!! ... I was impressed, and maybe a bit alarmed, by how forcefully and determinedly this big swan came toward me, pushing a ridge of water up before him, certainly not afraid of me.