Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday light inside the shadow

If you blindfold me and chain my hands around a stick, this stick separates me from things, but through it I explore them. I only feel the stick, I only perceive the wall. Created things are like this for the faculty of love. Supernatural love touches only the creatures around one but goes toward God. We love these creatures (what else is there to love?), but as intermediaries. In this way, we love all creatures, including ourselves. Loving a stranger like oneself implies this corollary: love yourself like a stranger.

--Simone Weil


  1. If the image appears blurry, please click on it for a clearer version. I don't know why blogger does this with some of my photos, but I can't seem to fix it by re-editing the image and re-posting, and it is becoming very frustrating :-(

  2. James, on my computer you pictures are OK, there is no problem. This one is particularly beautiful. Simone Weil's words are both clear and deep. We have to think about longly.
    Have a good week!

  3. When I enlarged the image another world appeared ... awesome image!

  4. Hi James, I bookmarked your blog again.
    I absolutely love your photo style.
    Hope all is well otherwise.
    Anna :)

  5. guten Morgen lieber Freund,
    also auf meinem Monitor hat es keinerlei Blaustich und auch in der Vergrößerung ist absolut wundervoll von den Farben her. Aber was für ein Bild !!! grandios und wirklich berührend, ein spektakulärer Augenblick zwischen Mensch und Tier. Ich liebe diese feine Aussage, die dahinter steht.

    Liebe Grüße an dich und eine feine Woche!