Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday zero at the bone

In order to attain non-attachment, sorrow is not enough. There must be sorrow with no consolation.... One must accept the past, without asking compensation from the future. Stop time in this moment. It is, thus, the acceptance of death.... Reduce oneself to the point one occupies in space and time. To nothing. Strip oneself of the imaginary royalty of the world. Absolute loneliness. Then one has the truth of the world.

--Simone Weil


  1. is this a serpent or a lizard? how on earth did you take this pic? :-)

    i keep coming back to it, that gaze from a world without the thought of the gaze... how does it feel, the sun on a lizard's skin? i wonder and wonder... and then the words, especially this line: "Strip oneself of the imaginary royalty of the world." it makes me ache with truth, and yet with beauty too, there is such beauty in it, such poetry...

  2. Roxana: It is a snake. I took the pic lying on my belly, with the lens a few inches from the snake's face, threatening me ... this kind of snake is not dangerous, though ... he only wanted to leave, not fight!!

    This longing to imagine oneself inside another skin -- I'm convinced that this is at the heart of poetry, of photography, of all art ....