Saturday, August 4, 2012


and yet, to say "fern" is already to create a distance, a rift for joy and weeping, for self and other, for time and death

We must try to love without imagining -- to love the appearance in its nakedness without interpretation. What we love then is truly God.
--Simone Weil


  1. and so there are no words
    for i have been burned raw by truth
    (and beauty)


  2. erin: it is an irony that batters us into poetry --

    the only things worth saying are those for which there are no words ...


  3. "and yet, to say "fern" is already to create a distance" - so true. these pictures are magical, especially the bottom one, the abandonment of unfurling against such a huge, bright sky.

  4. the second one, the most wondrous fern i have ever seen...

    perhaps only children know the pure, undivided joy of both unnaming and naming. my little one has recently learned the word 'spiral' (what a coincidence :-), for a structure that would amaze her - and then she kept pointing her finger at the most unexpected things, shouting, spiral, spiral, overwhelmed with happiness. and indeed when i looked closer, i saw it too, pure unfurling...

  5. je suis plus interessé par la première photo qui mes semble d'un point de vue esthétique meilleure que la seconde photographie proposé. tout est affaire de goût dans la vie..

    C'est sympathique d'être venu chez moi. Merci infiniment;
    @see you soon.


  6. A beautiful image with beautifully chosen words.