Sunday, November 4, 2012

a river in broceliande


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    1. Marion: it seems the world never stops offering....


  2. i ask myself many questions like, are all rivers in broceliande, or is there ever only one river, and do we carry the river(s) inside of us, and if so sacred, so mystical/magical, then why do we wreak such havoc? spending time with your photograph or with the river itself, i can not help but wonder how we manage the violence (and damage) we inflict.

    what of the torn tree in the center or is that even a torn tree? it glows. i can't help but ask.


  3. erin: there is a broken tree at the center (at the center of everything, perhaps) ... it gathers the light and speaks ...

    there is only one river

    why do we inflict such violence? fear? greed? because we hate the light? because we love the light and want to break everything that stands in its way?