Tuesday, November 27, 2012



  1. Yes. Just beautiful.

    What is it that we see? And what meaning do we bring? It is delicious to be human, to feel this meaning, whatever it may be. Painful in loss, but ecstatic in connection.

    1. Ruth: It is delicious to be human, to feel this meaning....

      sometimes i think this meaning that we feel, in the moment before it finds its way into words, is the only truth, as if words are necessarily a descent, a corruption ...

      i find myself at greater distance from language ...


  2. looking for clarity on simone weil's deifugal i came across this, dei is latin for god and fugal comes from the latin meaning to flee. everything is about distance and delay, god breaking apart and fleeing into small and specific entities, and then trying to find its/our way back beyond the barrier of the small specific entity of self and created, to merge once again with the whole. language is created in the distance (lacan) and is the bridge back to understanding and meaning and yet it is always necessarily a bridge that is too short because for it to bring us directly to meaning or god it would instantly dissolve as distance is absolutely required for language's existence. so it is with us. distance and delay! tension! confusion, and as simone weil goes on: "relentless necessity, wretchedness, distress, the crushing burden of poverty and of labour which wears us out, cruelty, torture, violence death, constraint, disease..."

    and so to walk away from language is to walk away from self and to walk toward god.

    and yes, i understand.

    and yes, i too turn and walk.

    and then i touch your soft hair.

    and then i touch your soft mouth.

    and in this too i mercifully know god.

    i think about the images. the three birds actually speak to lacan's three states of psyche, which, i laugh, i am only reading about just now. but they speak to community as well, and then the two to love and of course the solitary bird to the self. i'm sure the photographs can be read in countless other ways as well.

    what does it say of me that i am most drawn to the last photograph? something about reduction. something about truth and clarity.