Monday, July 29, 2013

accidents of light and shadow (pond, july 28)

A silvery scarce-call-silver gloss
Lighted the watery-plated leaves.

G.M. Hopkins
a fragment of an unwritten poem


  1. my heart is torn between colour and bw here, they seem to be different worlds, don't they? and i am different in both of them, too...

    recently someone mentioned to me colours in dreams - and i realized, with a shock, that i don't know whether i dream in colour or not, this question has never presented itself to me - my dreams are rich in words, actions, emotions, but never, never has that world any connection with the attribute of colour, be it in the positive or negative way - isn't this strange? i am still shocked by this discovery. and you?

    1. Roxana: to be honest, i don't know if i dream in color ... i don't recall colors from my dreams ... maybe on rare occasions, but then i remember because it is rare ...

      i wonder this says about personality, if anything??


  2. The first image is so soft compared to the second one which show more the leaves than anything else only softened by a unique nenuphar.