Monday, November 4, 2013



  1. Is this a real-life porcupine or a zoo porcupine?

    1. Steve: this is a real-life porcupine. he was trotting along the edge of a farmer's field when i was out driving back roads this afternoon :-)


    2. Tennessee just doesn't have porcupines... everything but. I've always wanted to see one in the wild, so to speak.

  2. i laugh. who was trotting through the farmer's fields? certainly not the porcupine alone:)

    he has a speck of dirt upon his nose. i keep reaching out as though to clean it from him.

    i look at his face and wonder how it is we behave as we do. i see his particular way of being porcupine and i shake my head not understanding how any of us is particular. what mystery.

    and then i shiver inwardly thinking what will happen tomorrow and ultimately by whose hand. (we put one cat down, not by needle but by bullet, so that another might take its place.) and then i push that down and i leave the farmer's field.

    or do i go to it? after all, farmers get things done, honest things, things of life and death by hand. it is not a clean business, being alive.


  3. I love your porcupine, James. I'm glad you were there to capture his lovely face. He makes me smile.

    I saw an otter once running down my street to a drainage ditch that empties into a creek. Nobody believed me and I've never seen one again. It was like I imagined him there. I was pushing my 2 year old grandson in a stroller (he's 17 now) and he saw him, too, but who believes a 2 year old? The funny thing is that every time we'd go to the local zoo (every month) he'd insist on going to the otters first. He still loves them best. Life's so wonderful, no? xo

  4. this is a tremendous photo (it looks like an etching!), and the porcupine is gorgeous!!! :-) i only saw them at a free zoo in Berlin, i think.

    somebody had just sent me this link, and i had to laugh: porcupines!!! :-)