Thursday, July 4, 2013

accidents of light and shadow (pond)


  1. i pull at my hair right now knowing the unfolding of time between the last photograph and then this one, how a lifetime exists between them, and yet i see how remarkably they call to one another. the winter photograph so white with the irony of the colours of summer
    emerging from it, the reds and yellows. and this last photo taken in summer (last night!), the yellows and greens crawling out of the death clutch of greyness! how does the world know to speak to the world like this through us, time irrelevant? such patience it exhibits.

    and the one purely dense thick deciduous tree (birch?) standing so sure amongst the others!

    i hold my breath and see more clearly now just how different the worlds were that we were in, me only some feet away on the gravel road but worlds away from your observation and becoming a part of this one!


  2. erin: summer is subtly present in winter, hints of winter drift like fog trough a hot, mosquito-buzzing summer landscape -- as if the world points us toward knowing that seasons are both everything and irrelevant, time flowing seamlesly into time ...

    we stepped a few feet in different directions and found different worlds ... how might we be altered today if i had walked up the road, you lingered by the pond? ...

    love :-)